Basic Website Package

Buy our Basic Website package for customised terms and conditions for your website. These are suitable for Australian business websites, and include:

  • website terms and conditions (general terms for website visitors);
  • a privacy policy; and
  • a 20min consultation with our e-commerce lawyer.

The documents are personalised for your business and are usually finalised on the day of your consultation.

“What a fabulous offering and service. I am now covered and have peace of mind for my business and website. So much value for a relatively small cost.” Lucy P.


What Mums are Saying

How does it work?

When you buy the Basic Website Package you will get a link to our Baby-Bot, Mimi. Have a quick conversation with Mimi and then book in a time with our business lawyer. So easy!

If you need any additional terms and conditions, terms for your online store, trademarking or business structuring, please send us a message.


How will the website terms and conditions help me?

Having website terms and conditions will help you by:

  • providing rules for website visitors generally and extra rules where website visitors post content;
  • protecting the intellectual property rights you have in your website content and branding;
  • limiting your liability with disclaimers – for example, if there are any interruptions to your website, or where someone relies on your content to their detriment, or relies on one of your plugins, or any other times something goes wrong; and
  • making sure local laws apply, and disputes can be heard locally in Australia, not overseas.

How will the privacy policy help me?

The privacy policy will cover what, how and why personal information is collected, storage of the information, security and rights of access. Having a privacy policy will help you to comply with:

  • Facebook and Google terms;
  • Australian Privacy Principles; and
  • overseas laws like the General Data Protection Regulations where they apply.

Having website terms and conditions and a privacy policy will also help you to rank in Google with authority and trust.

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