Consultant Package

Buy our Consultant Package for your customised consulting agreement and website terms and conditions. Our Consulting Package includes:

  • a consulting agreement (for your clients);
  • website terms and conditions (for your website visitors);
  • a privacy policy; and
  • a 20min consultation with our business lawyer.

The documents are tailored for your industry and personalised for your business and are usually finalised on the day of your consultation.

“Fantastic, super helpful and tailored for me” Caroline Taylor, Health for Keeps


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 How does it work?

When you buy the Consultant package you will get a link to our Baby-Bot, Mimi. Have a quick conversation with Mimi and then book in a time with our business lawyer. So easy!

If you need any additional terms and conditions, if you outsource any work and need an independent contractor agreement, have employees or need advice on trademarking or business structuring, please message us.



How will the consulting agreement help me?

To relate well to your clients, you know you need a well drafted consulting agreement, that properly protects you against legal risks. You want to:

  • make sure your clients give you certain information to help you provide strategic advice;
  • make sure you are paid; and
  • make sure they don’t run off with your materials for re-sale.

You’ve spent alot of time developing your training and coaching materials, and want to retain the intellectual property rights in them. You also know confidentiality is really important to your clients, so you want to ensure that’s covered, amongst other things.

Our consulting agreement will help protect you against legal risks, help make client obligations legally binding, and will be drafted so that it can be changed by you for each individual client’s needs.

How will the website terms and conditions help me?

Having website terms and conditions will help you by:

  • providing rules for website visitors generally and extra rules where website visitors post content;
  • protecting the intellectual property rights you have in website content and branding;
  • limiting your liability with disclaimers – for example, if there are any interruptions of your website, or where someone relies on your content to their detriment, or relies on one of your plugins, or any other times something goes wrong; and
  • making sure local laws apply, and disputes can be heard locally in Australia, not overseas.

How will the privacy policy help me?

The privacy policy will cover what, how and why personal information is collected, storage, security and rights of access. Having a privacy policy will help you to comply with:

  • Facebook and Google terms;
  • Australian Privacy Principles; and
  • overseas laws like the General Data Protection Regulations where they apply.

Having website terms and conditions and a privacy policy will also help you to rank in Google with authority and trust.

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