Intellectual Property

When starting and growing your business, you will need to ensure you adequately protect your intellectual property (IP). This may consist of trademarks, copyright, and some confidential information. Some Mums may even have a design they want protected, or an invention that may need to be patented.

Knowing what IP you own and how best to protect it, is vital to the success of your business. By doing an IP audit, you can help understand the extent of your IP, and then work out strategies to protect it. This may include trademark registrations, intellectual provisions in your agreements, confidentiality agreements and more.

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Confidential Information

Having a business idea is awesome, but without entrusting others with that idea, it will never grow. But as much as we want to trust others with our ideas, they sometimes don’t value the confidentiality as much as we do, or value the worth of that idea.

Regan was worried when she came to us that if her secret recipes were out in public, they would be easily copied. We helped Regan protect the secrecy of her innovative food recipes by drafting a confidentiality agreement for her. She was then able to confidently reveal the information to potential business partners and suppliers so that she could discuss its potential with them. They could then only put the information she revealed to them towards the purpose of furthering her business interests (not anyone elses!). This then lead to some solid business relationships and the launch of her successful food business.

Other clients of ours have asked for help in protecting formulas, marketing strategy, business operations and research and development.

We can help you by drafting a confidentiality agreement or NDA – non-disclosure agreement customised to your business needs.

Intellectual property protection

There are many different forms of intellectual property that you may own as a business.

We helped Amanda by ensuring she had adequate intellectual property protection in her blog and website content. We drafted website terms and conditions helping protect her rights in her website content, including all content, graphics, logos, photos and videos. We also made sure that copywriters properly assigned their rights in articles to her so that she could edit and republish them in the way that she wanted. We also made sure she didn’t have to attribute the work to the copywriters. Amanda also had a photographer and videographer who were taking pictures and videos of her products. We made sure that the agreement with these people was sound, and that she could use the pictures and videos extensively in the ways that she wanted to.

We can help you by drafting agreements which help protect your intellectual property rights, and help assign or licence intellectual property rights.

 Photographers, Videographers, Musicians, Copywriters working for businesses

If your business involves creating photos, video, music, or copy which all involve intellectual property rights, you will need an agreement with your clients.

We helped Elsie, a copywriter, by drafting a client agreement that enabled the clients to use her work, but also meant that the work could be used by her for her own promotional purposes, and ensured that it would be it attributed to her when she wanted it to be.

We also helped Jade with a photography agreement with her clients. She had been doing wedding photography and family portraits, but when she ventured into work for businesses she needed to have an agreement which made it clear who would own the rights in the photographs and what they could be used for. We ensured that the use to which the photos could be put was limited so that she could demand a higher fee for a more expansive use. The agreement also made other matters clearer, such as who would own the digital files.

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