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Legal packages for your new or growing business

To start and grow your business effectively you need well drafted legal agreements in place.

But, the DIY template makers are clunky and time consuming, and you don't want to risk it. In fact, you'd rather just have a quick conversation with a lawyer, but you don't want to pay them $$, and certainly not by the hour. 

Wouldn't it be great if you could just have a chat whenever you felt like it, and have your terms drafted by an expert business lawyer. 

Our legal packages are a great value option to help protect you. They include:

  •  website terms of use and privacy policy;
  • additional terms if you have an online store;
  • one set of client terms or a client agreement delivered within a week and drafted specifically for your industry and your particular business circumstances by an expert business lawyer;
  • trademarking of up to one brand/ product name and one logo; and
  • a reasonable number of emails and telephone calls.

If you have any queries, see our FAQs, otherwise:



  • Sole Trader Mains 

  •  Company Mains (includes company  set-up and constitution - add-on shareholders agreement)


  • Partnership Mains  (includes partnership agreement)




  • Extra set of client terms 

  • Extra set of tick box client terms 

  • Contractor agreement 

  • Full time/part time - employment agreement 

  • Casual employment agreement 

  • Trademarking of extra names or logo

  • IP  licence agreement

  • Confidentiality agreement/ NDA



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What do the website terms of use cover? 

These cover intellectual property protection for your website content and branding, rules for website visitors generally, extra rules for businesses whose website visitors are allowed to post content or comment; disclaimers regarding changes to your website, inaccuracies, interruptions, reliance on your content and information; and extra disclaimers for businesses who provide professional advice, and those who have third party software or apps or third party content. They also include boilerplate provisions, including governing law so that you don't have to travel to hear a dispute, and it can be kept in Australia and your state of choice.

What does the privacy policy cover?  

These cover general privacy provisions, including what, how and why personal information is collected; storage, security and rights of access to help you comply with the Australian Privacy Principles. They also include terms to comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) where a business collects personal information from EU citizens.

What do the client terms or tick box terms cover?  

These cover payment terms for your clients and customers, refund terms including the Australian Consumer Law, any delivery terms and cancellation or re-booking terms, publicity terms (so you can use testimonials or clients photos or videos for marketing) client and customer obligations, intellectual property protection if relevant, confidentiality provisions, and other terms which will be relevant to your industry, and any particular terms you want included for the way your business works. 

Can I change my client legal agreement or contractor agreement? 

 Yes! We aim to make your legal document user friendly for you, so that you can change things such as client or contractor names, addresses, services or goods provided, costs and other details. Make sure you let us know what you want to change. However, if you want changes to the body of the agreement in future, we strongly recommend you request our advice. 

How does trademark registration work?  

Registering trademarks can take over 6 months from the time of filing to the time of finalising. During that period, the Trademarks Examiner will examine it in the first 3-4 months. We will communicate with the Trademarks Examiner, and overcome any issues that may occur in the Examination Report. The trademark will then be advertised on the Trademarks Register for a period of 2 months. During the advertised period third parties can oppose your trademark if they wish (ie indicate that they don't agree to it being permitted on the Trademarks Register).

What Mums are Saying

"Explained everything so clearly"

"Davina was beyond amazing helping us through a complex and challenging situation. She was fantastic, knowledgeable and explained everything so clearly. I would highly recommend her." 

-Carolyn Duggan, Mum of three little ones

"I would not have achieved this result without her"

"Davina represented me in an intellectual property matter and provided me with the right advice and guidance through an unfamiliar process. She is a highly skilled negotiator and was easy to communicate with. Davina really worked hard to get the best agreement for me and I would not have achieved this result without her. I was very happy with the outcome and would definitely recommend her services." 

 - Margie Cartisano, Entrepreneur 

"Such a relief to know we have our very own go-to person"

"It has been great working with Davina and such a relief to know we have our very own go-to person for all of our legal requirements. Her legal knowledge and experience has also opened our eyes to many aspects of our business that we had no idea about which has been very helpful in informing our decision making. 

Thank you!" 

- Julie Atkinson, Mum and Entrepreneur 

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