Other Legal Packages

We have helped many start-up solopreneurs; photographers, copywriters, bloggers, designers, yoga and fitness instructors, health practitioners, pet walkers…

We have also helped a yacht delivery business, kids archery tag business, speed dating event organisation….  you name it!

What’s more, we have also helped businesses at different stages of their life cycle; in the early stages of startup, in a growth phase, and in moving on and selling.

So, whatever your business, and wherever you are at, we would love to design a customised legal package for you, with tailored contracts for the way you want your business to run.

Your personalised legal package could include:

  • online store terms for the way you want your e-commerce biz to work;
  • customised terms and conditions or agreements with your customers or clients;
  • tailored agreements with independent contractors or employees;
  • personalised agreements with ambassadors, influencers or referrers;
  • company set up, customised shareholders agreements or a tailored partnership agreement;
  • trademarking locally and internationally;
  • intellectual property licencing or assignment or copyright assignments or confidentiality agreements;
  • reviewing of distribution agreements, or supplier agreements or other contracts;
  • reviewing of a commercial lease you are looking into;
  • franchising set up, including customised franchise agreements, disclosure documents, IP audits; or
  • buying or selling businesses or shares.

The agreements will be customised for your industry and tailored for your business. All our packages include a 20min consultation with our business lawyer.

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