Virtual Assistant Package

Buy our Virtual Assistant package for your customised virtual assistant agreement. Our Virtual Assistant Package is suitable for Australian VA or bookkeeping businesses and includes:

  • a virtual assistant agreement (for your clients); and
  • a 20min consultation with our business lawyer.

The contracts are personalised for your business and are usually finalised on the day of your consultation.

“Such a great service, The Mumpreneur Lawyer helped me with an agreement that perfectly sets up the way I want to work with my VA clients”. Jenny Inwood, Miss Versatility.

Virtual Assistant agreement

What Mums are Saying

How does it work?

When you buy the Virtual Assistant package you will get a link to our Baby-Bot, Mimi. Have a quick conversation with Mimi and then book in a time with our business lawyer. So easy!

If you need any additional terms and conditions, terms for an online store, if you outsource some work to an independent contractor, have employees, or would like advice on trademarking or business structuring, please message us.


How will a Virtual Assistant Agreement help me?

To relate well to your clients, you know you need a contract that:

  • is well drafted, that properly protects you against legal risks;
  • you can adjust for each client you have, because you are versatile and can do lots of different types of services, perhaps even bookkeeping and website edits;(although you certainly don’t bring the coffee!).
  • makes sure clients give you the information you need to help you do your job, and ensures that you are paid properly and promptly.

You also know confidentiality and ownership of copyright is really important to your clients, so you want to ensure that’s covered.

Our virtual assistant agreement will help protect you against legal risks, help make client obligations legally binding. We will draft your contract so that it can be changed by you for each individual client’s needs.

We believe in

Making legals simple

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