E-commerce is simply the buying and selling of products or services over the internet. For many of us Mums e-commerce is too good an opportunity to miss. It enables us to work flexibly around family time. There are many different types of products and services sold online. It may be that you sell physical goods; clothes, homewares, or gifts; or perhaps you sell digital products; online courses, software, photos.

You may decide to use Shopify, or WooCommerce or another platform. Whatever you use for your online store, you will need to ensure that your legals are in order. You’ll need to have terms for your website generally, but also terms that are for purchasers of your products, customer terms and conditions. You’ll also need to ensure that you are complying with any product safety requirements, labelling requirements and other laws relevant to your industry.


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Benefits of having terms and conditions for your online store

When setting up your online store, it is important to ensure you have your legals in order, and this includes terms and conditions for purchasers on your website.

Charlotte came to us, because although she was aware of some legal issues, she needed to be sure. She had investigated the product safety and information requirements, and was sure she was allowed to post her products in the mail. However, she wasn’t aware that she needed to comply with the Australian Consumer Law in terms of advertising, consumer guarantees and refunds. We were able to assist her with terms and conditions for her online store to help her comply with the Australian Consumer Law and to help protect her business going forward, and ensure that any customer disputes could be quickly and efficiently dealt with. She made sure these were put on her website with a tick box functionality.

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Terms and conditions for online marketplaces            

If you decide that you want to set up an online marketplace that facilitates the introduction between buyers and sellers, and so enables e-commerce, you will need terms and conditions with both the buyers and the sellers.

We helped our client Leigh with these terms and conditions. They included descriptions about the specific services she provided, and made it transparent about how her website would be monetised. Her terms made it clear that she was only facilitating an introduction and so wasn’t to be involved in any disputes between buyers and sellers, and they also included relevant disclaimers. Leigh wasn’t fully aware of her obligations under the Australian Consumer Law, so we explained to her that even though she is just a marketplace, she still needed to comply with the law in this regard in relation to the actual service she was providing.

We can help you with terms and conditions for your online marketplace.

Terms and conditions for mobile apps

If you decide to develop a mobile app in addition to your online store, or marketplace, or as a stand alone app, you will need to ensure you have various legals in place. You will also need to ensure that your app complies with the terms of Apple or Google software.

Our client, Jane didn’t realise that in addition to Apple and Google’s app terms, she also needed terms of her own with her app users. We drafted these terms for her so that her business could be better protected, and she could comply with the law.

We can help you by preparing terms and conditions for your mobile app.

Why you also need website terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for your online store are terms specifically for purchasers of your products. However, you also need terms and conditions for website visitors, or website terms of use. These help protect the intellectual property rights you have in your branding and website content, and limit your liability to website users generally.

Our client, Sarah was worried about the interruptions that there were to her website, and she was also worried about some health information she published that could have been detrimental if some people relied on it. We were able to help Sarah with some terms and conditions for her website which helped her in that regard.

We can help by preparing website terms and conditions for you, and we offer a great package you can have a look at here.

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