What is the difference between confidential information, and trade secrets? And how do I protect my trade secrets? 

What is the difference between confidential information, and trade secrets? And how do I protect my trade secrets?

I often get asked how can I protect my secret recipe/ my unique biz method/ my software.  To fully understand how you can best protect your business secrets, it is best to really understand what is the difference between confidential information and trade secrets. Confidential information is an overarching word used to describe any information … Read more

A Guide To Your Flashy New Website’s Footer (Hint: It’s Important!)

A Guide To Your Flashy New Website's Footer (Hint: It's Important!)

It makes good business sense to have a privacy policy published on your website, and we encourage all small businesses to have one. Legally only certain businesses are required to have a privacy policy under Australian law, such as health service providers, businesses trading in personal information, contractors providing services under a Commonwealth act and … Read more

Starting to get bookings? As a Hair Stylist or Makeup Artist you should have some well drafted Terms and Conditions.

booking terms and conditions

 If you’re a hair stylist or makeup artist, booking weddings, balls, parties and other events, it’s important to make sure you have the right terms and conditions in place to protect you and your business.   What do I need to include in my booking terms and conditions?   Any time you book clients for … Read more

Roadmap to Freedom and Legal Considerations

freedom and legal

Whilst the “Roadmap to Freedom” is super exciting, and means many of you will be able to open your doors, there are some legal considerations we need to consider before doing so.   It’s been a painful time for businesses particularly in Victoria and NSW. Having to close doors as a hair dresser, retail store, recreation facility or restaurant has been difficult to say … Read more

What should photographers and writers know about copyright?

photography agreement

All photographers and copywriters should have written agreements in place to ensure that the ownership of copyright in works is clear. When it isn’t, there can be disputes, and heartache.  Copyright law really involves a big bundle of rights that people have in their creations. These creations are defined as “works” under the law. The … Read more

What does it mean to be a woman and a lawyer?

woman lawyer

There are many reasons young girls choose to study law, and then become lawyers. Maybe it is to help others? An intellectual challenge? Social justice? To effect change, and write new laws? Work in a prestigious firm? Earn lots of money?  Work in the family firm?  Of course the reasons are numerous. However, whilst Australia … Read more

Why every Mum needs a Will

will lawyer

The moment you become a parent you see the gift of life more vividly than ever before. You quite literally hold new life in your hands. Life that didn’t exist 9 months before. Indeed, becoming a parent is life changing. But the very act of creating life, sharpens our focus on the circle of life; … Read more

What does a startup lawyer do?

startup lawyer

Usually when we hear the word startup, we think of a scalable business. A business that intends to grow bigger than just us, the founder. But whilst some startups get off the ground and expand quickly, others may take years. Of course, startups sit in uncertainty. There are no guarantees. There are no short cuts. … Read more